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 What is CCPI

The abbreviation CCPI stands for Community Care and Protection Initiatives. CCPI is a community based organization registered and certified by Kitgum district local government in the year 2006, to carry out operation for the good of the local people of Kitgum district, extending to the present day Lamwo district.

 Who founded CCPI

The birth of CCPI as an organization follows a profound ordeal of Mr. Akena William (Right: in the photo), a seminarian of the arch diocese of Gulu and a formerly abducted boy. William Akena now 26, was abuducted in the year 2003 among the 41 students from Sacred Heart Seminary Lacor, while in S. 4. William while in the bush came near to death after a terrible wallop for refusing to walk. form Home william was proclaimed dead and memories had began to fade away, when suddenly, by the grace of God he returned home. Today 30 of the students abducted have returned home safely. the where about of  11 students is still unclear.

 In his article "seven years after abduction, in the downloadable document below, willam has a lot to share with the visitors of this website:  



Seven years after abduction.doc Seven years after abduction.doc
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Why was CCPI founded 

"My inspiration to open this comes from the experience of the suffering of our people whom we had often visited in schools, homes and hospital and churches through the work of apostolate.

The massive occurance of HIV/AIDS infections, which has led to a growing numbers widows and orphans desperate for means of survival. In most cases they children are engaged by guardians to seek financial independence. they (orphans) normally buy their own clothing and scholastic materials

 Wide spread absolute poverty: At homes parents are suffering financial difficulties, good education, what to eat and wear have become practically impossible to get.

 Insufficient education facilities: pupils learn under trees, others lack uniforms and scholastic materials

William Akena: Team Leader CCPI 



Early marriages: Youth are engaged in sexual activities at tender ages, young girls are willingly given for marriage to mature men at very tender ages usually because of poverty and so parents may not wish to incur the cost of maintaining a large family. there are growing cases of unrulliness of young boys and girls


 What CCPI does


·         To build their capacity to fight vices such as violence in order to transform the social lives of the societies ,

·        To help them protect themselves from the HIV/AIDS pandemic





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