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CCPI is the home of every human race our family of CCPI welcomes whoever feels the desire for a new globe. This is an opportunity for you to get involved in this vast activity of changing the trend of human life for the better. it is also a chance for you to inspire the rest of humanity with your good works.  

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 Join our online community and interact with people from all walks of life, share with us you stories and enjoy the global company. 

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Donation is one of the way one can get the chance to stay in solidarity and communion with  the vast global community. Through the support of our youth by financial and material donation, we can help to lengthen thier helping hands in the. For as little as 1 dollar, 50 UShs, a change can be made in the life of our poor people.

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Volunteering with us is also a step towards the betterment of one's experiences by properly orienting him/her in the global social circle. getting involved in our programs will give you and indepth understanding of the problems of Humanity. As a student, through proven knowledge and experience, this opportunity will build in you the confidence to face the task ahead of you.

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